I do not write a lot but do share my learnings and thoughts from time to time. I have dabbled in textual, graphical and video content.

I wanted to try my hand at motion graphics and animations in the development content so I started my YouTube channel which now has 210k+ subscribers and has millions in views.

Session Based Authentication (2022-11-02) Hash Table Data Structure (2022-09-30) Authentication Fundamentals (2022-09-21) Graph Data Structure (2022-09-08) Heap Data Structure (2022-08-23) Tree Data Structure (2022-08-11) Graph Data Structure (2022-02-20) Queue Data Structure (2022-02-13) Stack Data Structure (2022-02-06) Linked List Data Structure (2022-01-31) Array Data Structure (2022-01-09) Big O Notation: Calculating Time Complexity (2021-12-12) What is Eventual Consistency? (2021-11-30) SSH vs TLS vs SSL (2021-11-25) All About Asynchronous JavaScript (2021-11-14) Random Numbers: How They Work? (2021-11-03) Hash Table Data Structure (2021-10-25) Yaml in Depth (2021-10-18) Why 0.1 + 0.2 !== 0.3? (2021-10-10) What is CAP Theorem? (2021-10-04) ACID Explained (2021-09-25) All About Promises in JavaScript (2021-03-23) TCP/IP Model Explained (2020-11-06) OSI Model Explained (2020-10-24) Freeze and Seal Objects in JavaScript (2020-10-16) Everything You Need to Know About HTTP Caching (2020-10-04) Content Delivery Networks (2020-09-26) Transport Protocol: TCP vs UDP (2020-09-21) Load Balancers in Depth (2020-09-18) DNS Records (2020-08-31) DNS and How does it work (2020-08-16) System Design 101 (2020-08-08) JavaScript Fetch API (2020-08-02) How to Scale the Unscalable (2020-07-26) Automate with GitHub Actions (2020-07-13) What is Dependency Injection? (2020-07-04) CSS Variables (2020-07-03) DOM vs Shadow DOM vs Virual DOM (2020-06-20) Manipulating Arrays and Objects in JavaScript (2020-05-09)