A lightweight library to create interactive backgrounds


Background of this page has been auto created by brusher. Move your mouse around to see it in action.

All you need is an image. Below code shows how the current page has been initialized

const brusher = new Brusher({
  image: 'abstract.png'


There are several options that you can use to modify the result. Have a look at the section below.

Available Options

Here is the list of options that you may use

const brusher = new Brusher({
  image: 'abstract.png', // Path of the image to be used as a brush
  keepCleared: false, // Whether to keep cleared sections or blur them again
  stroke: 80, // Stroke size for the brush
  lineStyle: 'round', // Brush style (round, square, butt)
  autoBlur: false, // Brusher will use the provided image for the blurry background
  autoBlurValue: 15, // Blur strength in pixels


Have a look at the github page for further details.


Find some of the examples demonstrating some of the options in use through the buttons below.

Keep Cleared Sections Without Background Demo Sticky Blur Demo Different Line Style Github