The Choice is Yours

Cycling my way back from the office tonight, I had been thinking about how much of our lives are affected by the choices we make. Before graduating in Software Engineering, I always wanted to do “Electrical Engineering” because kid me was a hardcore fan of robots and automating things. I applied for the admission in Electrical Engineering, fortunately the declaration of merit for Electrical Engineering was delayed so I decided to get the admission in Software Engineering as a backup plan so that even if I don’t fall in the merit, at least I would have Software Engineering. A few weeks later, the merit was declared and I was selected. But I had gotten the taste of something that I found more interesting so I decided to stick with Software Engineering. Looking back at it, seven years later, it was the best decision that I have ever made.

Our whole lives are driven by the choices we make. I am not talking about the major decisions or things that we can’t control; I am talking about the little choices that we make unconsciously every day. The day to day decisions like how you spend your time, what type of people you interact with and what you do etc. These small choices are what add up to make our destinies. I have heard smart people saying foolish things like “wherever the destiny would take me” or “it was destined to be like that” for things that they could have easily put effort to avoid. It is not our conditions that make our destiny, it is our decisions that take us to our destinies. What you eat is definitely going to decide your physical destiny, for example. You can’t keep eating shawarmas and dream of getting in shape, and when you start looking like a potato, you blame it on the destiny.

It is not so much the conditions that control our lives as much as the decisions. If you want to change your life, you have to make different choices. You can’t keep following the same routine that you have been following for years and expect the results to be different. If you don’t like the way your career is going, change it. If you don’t like your physique, take steps to change it. You have to change yourself first. There is no right or wrong, everything in your life changes the moment you make a decision. And by decision, I mean a real decision, when you cut off any possibility of falling back and you commit to something with everything you have got and you take the action. The big decisions start with the little decisions, for example, decide how your day should look like. How many times do you go through the course of the day and ask yourself did I do anything that I have set out to do every day? How many hours, minutes or seconds do we waste every day doing things that are nowhere near the goals, aspirations, and passions that we have inside? You plan to take the world on with that side-project that you started or maybe you want to work on your skill set and make yourself future proof and yet you have been continuously spending all your free time trying to complete the seven seasons of Game of Thrones or maybe spending your productive time of the weekend in pointless discussions and outings.

I am not saying that one should leave everything, cut themselves off from the outer world and live in a rut but to be considerate of the choices that they are making. The secret is to make yourself conscious of your decision making; when you make decisions unconsciously, you get terrible results. Ultimately your destiny is determined by what you do and how you made the little choices over time. Before you do anything, ask yourself if the things that you are doing are draining you or are they building you up and act accordingly.

You must evaluate every once in a while and see if you are making the right choice or are just letting the destiny unfold as it may. And with that said this post comes to an end. Until next time, enjoy your weekends! 🙌

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