People are not products to be bought!

Today, I was approached by a guy at some company, who wanted to have me switch my job and work for him and during the conversation, I asked him this simple question that "Why would I leave my current job and work for him, when I am happy with my employer and do not see any reason to switch my job?" and the only "valid" argument that he could produce was "..because we are going to pay you this much which is more than your current salary." and I had to ignore the offer and the reason was because more money just not justifies that. People are not the products to be bought. If you would like someone to work for you, you have to do much more than just pay for it. Although money is an important factor when working in this industry, it is not something that one should only care about when chosing an employer. At least for me, money is not the only driving factor, I seek to work for an employer where I work to make a difference, where I am considered valuable, where I can see my career grow and I am considered more than just a money making machine and other factors like that. And leaving my employer who is providing me all that I require to grow in my carreer, I do not see any reason to leave him just for more money and consider it a disservice to the employer and a disservice to a career minded individual because there is much more to a successful career than just money.

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