Go find it for yourself

This year marks the second in my step into this industry of web development. And all this time, I’ve realized a few things that I’d like to share with you.

Working in the industry leaves you not only with the technical skills but there are many other things that you learn along the way. It leaves you with the ability to meet people of different mentalitiles, to size them up, figure them out, the team, the projects and the industry itself. You listen, you learn and the cycle never stops.

Often, and I’d say more than often, while talking to the people around the industry, you’ll hear the things like, “Oh, that guy is an idiot”, “That team sucks.”, “That organization is going down.”, “That guy knows nothing even though he has years of experience.” or even the most horrible things like “Join them and say good bye to your career”.

This industry is full of self-centered jerks and complainers — More often than not, it’s just a loads of bullshit and nothing else. Nothing is either great or terrible for long. Don’t perpetuate over it.

Shrug off the hyperbole and go find it yourself.

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