Kamran Ahmed

Engineering Manager at tradeling. Tech guy with an entrepreneurial spirit and knack for getting things done. Currently building roadmap.sh.

With 5+ years of experience on my back, I am a seasoned developer with a demonstrated history of working upon large scale enterprise level applications. Having delivered several solutions for the domains including Business management and ERPs, educational platforms, finance, healthcare and leisure industry, I have gained hands-on experience in all stages of enterprise application development along with the ability to understand customer needs, communicate effectively and adapting well to changes in workplace environments. Turning ideas into real world solutions is my key strength, which compliments my love for learning new technologies and solving challenging problems. I always try to make a positive impact in the organizations I work at, both from a technical and interpersonal perspective.

I am a forward-thinker by nature, love to to code and always open to learning new stuff. A full-stack veteran, a wearer of different many hats, who isn't bound by what he knows and takes solace from getting to walk across the borders and experience the other unknown territories every once in a while. I am an Open Source enthusiast and in my spare time, you can find me toying around at GitHub or maybe writing sometimes. Technical skill-set has never been a problem for me and I take solace from spending my time testing new platforms and technologies.

I’m currently in Berlin, where I work as an Engineering Lead for Tajawal, a venture of Al-Tayyar Group, leading the development of the back-office application and working in the core architecture of our platform. I was one of the pre-launch-early hires and I am really proud of what we have achieved over the past 2.5 years. I have been the key member of the architecture team and I am a major contributor in most of the projects that we have; where I have solely and in-team developed some core parts of the whole setup that we have.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about me or just say hi, I love stumbling across the messages from the strangers in my inbox.


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