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Updates from the last Week

It has been quite some time since I blogged or contributed to the opensource. I had been quite busy lately and wasn’t able to find the time enough to do that. I managed to spare some time this week; enough to polish some of my existing projects and release a few opensource projects.:

  • [Upgrade Released]
    Jquery Toast Plugin – Now supports loader over the toasts. Find the demo here
  • [New Release]
    Smasher – Lets you easily turn your directory structure to JSON or Array and vice versa.
  • [New Release]
    Laraformer – A Laravel 5.* package that lets you easily introduce a transformation layer for your data.
  • [Upgrade Released]
    Laravel Censor – Now supports wildcards. Now you can specify the words/sentences to redact or replace using wildcards (%bad, %words% etc) as well.
  • [New Site Design]
    kamranahmed.info – Have upgraded the design of the site to support mobile devices and make it more clean

Also, an article titled ES6 Succinctly is in writing and will hopefully be published today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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