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Evolving plan for 2014

This year marks the second of my step into the professional web development experience and third since I actually delved into it. I spent the last year working as a full stack web developer at Digitalsofts Faisalabad and I must say, it was a great experience. While working upon the web based version of Digitalmanager (ERP System) there, I got the chance to work in the complex domain of ERP Systems. Being the soul developer of this project, I got the chance to take up the challenging tasks, being involved in the design and architectural decisions, meeting with the clients, collaborating with the testers and QA experts, experience working under pressure, meeting the deadlines and so on. I may say that, although it was the first year of my professional experience, it never felt like it and I got the chance to take benefit from it in the best possible way.

….Ahm ahm, sorry to interrupt but wasn’t this post about the future? Exactly dear, let me divert to that. We will discuss about the past in some other post. At the start of every year (since 2013), I devise a plan, some goals that I try to accomplish in that year. Same is the case for 2014, I am going to start with some set of go… wait, you said start of every year. Is it that your year starts in July instead of January? No dear, I am not from the mars, my year also starts in January. It’s just that I was extremely busy and wasn’t able to write a blog post upon my goals until now. Also, I have had no plans of maintaining my blog up-til this month. Now please don’t interrupt me, let me complete the post first and then I will answer your questions.

So, the goals that I have set to evolve myself for the year of 2014 are as follows:

Take up Unique and Cutting edge projects

I aim to take on more projects that see me using latest tools and technologies. Being a full stack web developer, my focus would be on taking up the projects that’d make a difference. My job would be to make the two meet, working to achieve both the client’s goals in commissioning a website and the goals of the users visiting it. I would be aiming at the performance, usability, stability and quality of the product.

Contribute to an Opensource Future

Although, I did make some of my projects opensource in 2013, I plan to go full throttle in 2014. My previous personal projects like Angular JS Todo app and URL Shortener did contribute to increasing my exposure and giving me the opportunity to experiment with cutting edge technologies. I believe, it’s the best way to learn and contribute to the society plus it’s good to have some code that you can show to make others believe that you do have the ability to get it done.

Learning new tools/technologies (..and Polishing the existing ones)

I plan on learning new tools/technologies as well as polish my existing skills. I’ll be trying to follow the standards, keeping up with the modern practices and so on. For the technologies that I expect would have been added to my skill bag by the end of 2014 are, Laravel, PHP Unit ..that’s it? Absolutely!!

Remember the golden rule : Quality, not quantity!

Plus, I plan on doing some personal projects using these as well. As I think, it’s the only way to polish your self and make sure you have learned it.


Although, I have not posted much through this blog, since the time I launched my website. I plan on going full throttle as of now (this post). I will be posting at least one blog post every week. Now these blog posts might be regarding my experiences, anything that I may find interesting, any problem that may occur to me in the field of web development and how I tackled it and so on. So stay tuned.

Managing my time better

I will be trying to manage my time better i.e. to track exactly where my hours are going and make an effort to use them a little better.

Using Better Programming Practices

I do follow them and will try to do PHP the right way as I delve in. I will be following Design Patterns, writing clean code by following the best practices, TDD, BDD, security and performance considerations etc.

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